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Politics and its impact on South Africa

What is happening in South Africa is a pity.  The government can no longer blame Apartheid for what is going on in the country.  If the government from the outset, starting 1994 took charge , and was responsible and accountable to the people that put them in power, South Africa would not be in the crisis it is.  All we heard is that they wanted transformation.

Transformation should have taken place in such a manner that every South African should have been taken into consideration.  The blacks that were previously disadvantaged should have been slowly groomed, trained to be integrated into the main stream of society.  What happened in this country?  The leaders suddenly came into power and saw money and opportunities for themselves and greed took control of their beings, with the result they forgot where they came from and what their duty was to society.  Soon the masses of ordinary people became the orphans of a corrupt government.

The ANC government and its people started living lavish lifestyles, riding in fancy cars, suddenly living in fancy homes and soon the news spread around the country, that being in government was like being in paradise.  So people were fighting and scrounging for government jobs, so they too can collect bribes and get kickbacks and earn second pay cheques.  With the result the majority of people working for the government became looters of society, instead of delivering services. Being in government became a lucrative occupation.  

In the name of transformation and affirmative action, mainly black Africans were given jobs at the exclusion of all others.  Many of these blacks were even foreigners, and not all were South African.  Many of them presented false qualifications in order to get their jobs, and were unable to perform their tasks.  In order to accommodate black Africans in jobs government used a transformation process and offered packages to other race groups to get them to leave.  That happened in all sectors of government.  Qualified and experienced personnel including thousands of educators left the government department. Colleges and teacher training facilities were forcefully shut down. Unions came into being.  Old unions affiliated with bigger Unions.  With affirmative action new Labour Laws were brought in.  They introduced affirmative action policies, quotas systems, and the skills development act, Setas were opened at huge expense.  The affiliated Unions were called Fedhusa, and Cosatu.  Some Unions opted to stay out.  Unions caused chaos in our schools, they felt with increased membership they had the power to jump down the throats of Principals and at negiotiating tables.  This happened at all levels of government and including both  the public and private sector. 

Later we discovered that Unions were so powerful that they even took bribes in order to give their pals jobs in government departments and other places.  All this resulted in appointments of people who really were not fit to perform their jobs.  To keep certain race groups in the jobs, the government went to the extent of re-employing the qualified personnel who took their packages as consultants.  Again these consultants themselves were paid exhorbitant rates.

Many employees in government departments were taking bribes as kickbacks for offering someone a service.  Although that service was part of their jobs, of course this also happened in the private sector. State,  money and positions were being abused left, right and centre, and even in negiotiating tables.  Union bosses being in the centre of negiotiations were collecting bribes both from the employer side and employee side.  Surely that was not going to last.  Hence the eventual break and infighting with Unions, as we have seen with recent events with Cosatu.  You will find that this scenario is the best scenario that ever happened.  This will be the beginning of disintegration of power that unions wield and we hope to see some improvement within organisations.  

With the formation of Cosatu and it being affiliated to a political party, was also a threat to democracy in this country.  Together with the SACP they wielded power boiling down to arrogance, abuse of authority resulting in more and more corruption.  We saw this unfolding in all spheres of government, in our parastatels, and in all three tiers of government, local, Provincial and National levels.  We see this in cadre deployment and appointment of Ministers.  The appointment of Ministers and others in Key positions, depended on whether you were liked by the President of the day.  This abuse of power and authority continued in this country.

During the course of the 21 years of the ANC rule, ordinary people were subjected to abuse by such authority. Governments failure to deliver showed up everywhere, in the townships, in informal settlements, in the streets, in the towns, in the suburbs, cities, Muncipalities, Setas, parastatels, Provinces, and National government including Parliament, were questions were shoved under the carpet.

Can we then blame Apartheid for the failure of government and their failure to deliver.  Here were people who were in co-hoots to bring about destruction, using transformation as a process to do so.  That transformation did not include all race groups, it excluded people of other colours in the quest to employ people of black African origin, irrespective if they were foreigners with false qualification, or countrymen with false or no qualification.  As long as they were regarded as cadres, or were giving bribes to someone, or they were just black African it was fine.  Taking on people with no understanding how to perform their jobs and employing in many instances consultants, did not pay off, it only resulted in lost revenue by the billions, many of those consultants were unqualified to perform tasks. Mostly because of cadre employment when taking on consultants.

Billions of rands went down in the name of transformation.  In changing street names, in training and development processes wherein people were never at work and at their desks because they were always in training and some of them in permanent training for the last 21 years.

Billions and billions went down in perks of buying luxury cars for personnel in certain positions,  Billions and billions went down in SAA flights for personnel which is free up to this day. Billions and billions went down having meetings and workshops in luxury venues for people throughout government from the Junior staff to Directors, Union personnel, Senior Directors, politicians, councillors, at all three levels of government.  The money belonging to the taxpayer.  

Billions and billions went down in parties, state funerals not just for politicians but other personalities all the above and this at the expense of the taxpayer.  Did you think your money was going to last. As if all this was not enough, billions and billions was lost to buying new air planes both for SAA and the Defence force.  Billions and billions to protect politicians from the President down to the councillors.  How can you expect a country to survive that with all this expenditure, there was no service delivery.  I suppose the only thing left to do is blame it on Apartheid.  Only a bunch of fools will belief that.

Coming down to service delivery lets look at that.  In order to build houses they had to give tenders.  These tenders were given by most Muncipalities and Provincial departments responsible for such tenders. Often you would find that this tender went to pals, and some BEE company who also had its partner as somebody from the ANC government or a family member.  They will take a tender for eg. for 300 houses pay millions to the company, and you will find that this company will build shoddy houses, at the expense of the people and the guy or the people who got the tender are suddenly flashing around in Rolls Royces, living it up in plush suburbs buying luxury houses for themselves instead of delivering the houses of a good standard to the people.  Is Apartheid to blame for such corruption and non delivery.

The same goes for Eskom.  In the name of transformation BEE companies formed with some ANC members involved, to deliver coal to Eskom.  These companies bought coal from previous suppliers of coal at a cheap rate and then resold them to Eskom at triple the rate.  Again Eskom employing people who had no idea how to deliver services to the people, paying people exhorbitant salaries yet not performing or delivering services because of poor planning and lack of understanding, on how they should deliver services.  Thus they are a burden to the South African economy and population.  As a parastatel they are non-functional.

What i am writing about is only the tip of the problems and challenges in this country of ours.  This has resulted in the economy coming to a standstill exasperated by the load shedding of electricity almost every week losing billions in revenue.

The result of government spending in the name of transformation of cadre deployment, unqualified personnel, bribery, corruption, nepotism, trillions have been lost resulting in the failure to deliver services of basic necessities to the country and its people.

Now they want the citizens to pay them, the government for their failure and extravagant lifestyle.  The people in this country can bearly eek out a living, but asked to pay increased fuel levies, together with increase in the price of fuel which resulted in the increased price food and other goods, which also went up because of increased excise duties and other duties charged for such goods.  People are asked to pay extra for rates, taxes, water and electricity every few months. Where do they get the cash from?  A cash tree growing in someone's garden??  Surely the entire world can see what is going on except a government that is wearing blinkers.  The cherry on top is that they want to give themselves increases in their salaries and perks.  The President spends R2 billion on airplanes, as if the fiscal burden is not enough.  He continues to entertain neighbouring states and countries. Gives them electricity and funds at the expense of the cash strapped South African population.

Worst still our borders are open for any Tom, Dick and Harry to walk through with false documents and papers, bringing guns, detonators and other things like drugs and wares to sell in the open market increasing crime and hijacking.  As if that is not enough these people park themselves in informal settlements and demand housing and other amenities at the expense of a small working group of South Africans.  Can all of you out there get the bigger picture.  When South Africans are angry then the government and media who are on the side of government cry Xenophobia.  The government deliberately wears blinkers and does not look at its failure to control our borders or the department of home affairs.  In allowing these foreigners in the country, the government has allowed a bigger burden to be placed on our fiscal. The government is solely reliable for the problems in this country, not Apartheid, not the people. 

The South African government should take full responsibility for its failure to deliver or administer this country.  We the citizens need to gather together and decide that we no longer can pay this government for their failure.  The government needs to transform its strategies. Lower their own salaries and perks, get rid of non performing personnel and start employing people who are prepared to work for less and to deliver. The also need to close our borders to prevent further influx and tighten control.  All foreigners from neighbouring states should be sent back to build their own countries and not place a burden on our fiscal and it has nothing to do with Xenophobia.  

This article is solely the writing of Sheila Moodley

Direct all queries to her.


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