Crossing over

Working on your subconscious mind.

A multifaceted healing process, using crystals and higher vibrational energy, calling on higher beings and your guardian angels or deities. I use my psychic powers to read your auras, cleansing u of dark energies and anything that is causing u to stagnate is removed and replaced with light energies.

This process takes you into your past lives, done out of curiosity and in most instances helps with the healing process.

Calculations done on your name and birth date and its impact on your life.

Reiki, crystals, angels, relationships, mind power, Control of thought, visualisation., Will Power, Pranayama, Meditation, Good Parenting, Life Empowerment, Raising of Spiritual Vibrations, God Realisation, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Astral Travel, Jnana Yoga, Chakras, Pranic Healing, Spiritual Journey. Diet and its impact on the Spiritual Journey.Fasts and Rituals. The Sun and its Power. Stress Management, Anger Management, Positive Thinking, Confidence Builders, Concentration, Develop

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