Reiki, crystals, angels, relationships, mind power, Control of thought, visualisation., Will Power, Pranayama, Meditation, Good Parenting,
Life Empowerment, Raising of Spiritual Vibrations, God Realisation, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Astral Travel, Jnana Yoga, Chakras, Pranic Healing, Spiritual Journey. Diet and its impact on the Spiritual Journey.Fasts and Rituals. The Sun and its Power. Stress Management, Anger Management, Positive Thinking, Confidence Builders, Concentration, Developing Memory.

I can give u a once-off lesson on theory and practice.  If you are regular then it will benefit u. Meditation is the key to higher consciousness and enlightenment. If done correctly it opens up new faculties in your brain.  One cannot

Learn the different aspects to be a good parent. Remember you are the main teacher in your child's life.  Often you blame a child for wrong doing.  The child learns from his or her surrounding.  The love that you show your child cannot

How would u know if the person is right 4u?  Are you accommodating? do you love yourself? Do you put up with abuse? Do you love the person?  What is love?etc Learn about meeting  with and keeping the relationship.

Crystals the different types? How can they work for u? Want to know more come to the workshops.

Who are they and how can they work for u?

WORKSHOPS RUN ON ALL LEVELS.  They are empowered symbols and energy combined with prayer they can work for u?  Workshops run on a regular basis.

Do you  feel let down. Life draining you out.  Then  u need this workshop.  Can u manage life's daily challenges.  Have you set your goals.  How do you set your goals?  What is it that you want from life.  Why

Is your mind bobbing up and down.  Do you sleep? If not perhaps your mind is out of control

Your thought only u can control.  Thought can be like a fast spreading cancer it can make u or destroy u?

All the different types eg.Bakthi, Jana, Raja etc learn all about it.

The Journey to God realisation.

Want to uplift yourself spritually.? Experience increased light energy.

Learn to control your temper.

Stress can control u.  Learn to control stress?
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