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A multifaceted healing process wherein your bodies energy centres and auras are cleansed and purified. Removing dark or negative energies and replacing with pure light energies.  Your body feels light and relieved of heavy burdens.  Your pathway is opened up, your vibrations are raised.  You feel better and more energised.

The chakras are energy centres within your body.  There are many chakras, however, most concentrate on the seven main chakras.  These are situated all along the spine, the throat, between your eyebrows and head.  When the chakras are blocked, you suffer illnesses.  There is a lack of proper circulation etc.

Why and how do chakras get blocked, Through your own negative thoughts, your jealousy, envy, arrogance, anger and sensitivity.  It also gets blocked through others dark thoughts towards u.  Their jealousy , envy, arrogance and anger towards to you. U can protect yourself with good thoughts, getting rid of your jealousy, envy, arrogance, greed, anger and sensitivity.   I will continue the next time;.  Thank u for now.  Sheila Moodley.

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